Student Package

Package Itinerary:


10.00 am Visit their sacred shrine with ritual offering to their ancestors. 

       The Mah Meri celebrate Spirit’s Day. How and where do they celebrate this day?

11.00 am Visit the Maskman of Malaysia.

12.00 Visit to galleries & blowpipe

            A special 45 minutes video presentation and notes will be provide

              -  History of tribe and its origin of Mah Meri

              –  Who are these people and where do they come from?

              - What language do they speak?

              – What is their religion?

              -Try on traditional costume and learn the mask dance.

 1. 00 pm Light food & drinks will be provided ( nasi goreng ayam & drinks )

 2.00 pm Visit origami center and watch and learn the making of the ancient form

          of intricate palm leaf origami to appease the spirits.

 3.00 pm Depart

*Note: This package is meant for a group of 20 or more. Pls join other group posted on small group booking if your group is less than 20.