Hari Moyang 2018 ( RM 75.00 & RM25.00 for boat ride )

Date: 17th. March 2018

LOCATION             :       Ther are five villages that will be celebrating the Hari Moyang, We will be arranging visitors to visit more than one site if there is enough time.


Hari Moyang,  is the most important rituals still being practiced by the Mah Meri in honor of the guardian of the village.


At sunrise  a small group of villagers gather on the jetty and together they took boats out to the river mouth to pay respect to the spirits in the area. There they throw rice berteh ( popcorn of rice ) into the water while the villages who were on the river bank offer prayers at the spirit houses along the river mouth.

After the ritual they parade to the house of the spirit bearing offering and food. Newly acquired belonging will be given a special blessing  which they believe will be free of any misfortunes. Blessing will be given by the Headman or Tok batin. Food offering will be placed on a special table to be shared with all the visitors. For the first time we will arrange to bring our own food to be shared following the tradition of  Hari Moyang. Traditional songs and dance will be performed with thespecial performance of  Mask Dancers. We have invited all of the Mah Meri dancers to participate using warious images & sizes of the mask spirits.

To further embrace the Mah Meri ritual practice, we wecome volunteers to make the Bunga Moyang as offering to the spirits on a giant symbolic Mah Meri cone instead of removing these flowers.

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8.00 am – 9.00 Registration at MMCV

8.30 am Boat depart Jetty for Jamu Moyang Ritual

9.30 am Return to Kg. Sg. Rambai

10.00 am Procession of offerings

10.30 am Blessing at Rumah Moyang & place a Bunga Moyang on the cone

11.00 am Special blessing of newly acquired items or newborn baby

11.30 am Special Hari Moyang performance

12.30 am Pot Luck lunch with villagers

2.00 pm program ends

Kampong Sungai Rambai, a small Mah Meri village of 125 had shown their exceptional dedication towards the weaving of palm fronds and have been rewarded with special building for making the craft, to subsidize their income especially the women. It is the only place on the island where the tradition of crafting palm fronds have become a constant income earner derived from their culture. They has been exporting palm frond creations to other countries through steady flows of tourists and have contributed to Malaysia Book of Records for the Largest Display of Palm Leaf Origami on a Mah Meri Cone. At a small fee you can admire, from up close, these beautiful, complex images created by hand. Special workshops are conducted regularly to showcase how the palm leaves are woven.

The best time to see a display of their creations is on Hari Moyang or Spirit’s Day.

What’s on offer

1. Hari Moyang experience

2. A half-hour boat ride to make offering to the spirits ( limited place only )

3. Join the procession of offerings

4. Make Bunga Moyang and offer to spirits ( small donation required )

5. Join the dances

6. Transport from Kuala Lumpur & back ( extra charge )

7. Homestay accomodation around the villages ( extra charge )

8. Food and drinks

9. Take lots of photo and share

10. You may bring newly acquired items to be blessed for good luck

Come and join us to reinforce our support for the community

Transport & Accomodation

Accomodation is available :  Homestay in Carey Island (RM 80-120 ) and Budget Hotel in Teluk Panglima Garang (RM 80-120 ), Good Three bedroon chalet ( RM 200 ) and Amverton Cove & Island Golf Resort ( RM 398 ).

Transport from Kuala Lumpur :  Group transport can be arranged either in vans or buses

Do’s & Don’t

- Please do not remove origami decorations at the site, they are for the spirits

- Visitors & guests are given a visitors  tag, you may not be permitted to enter the area without one

- Please collect your visitors entry pass at MMCV, and follow instructions given to you

- Please follow instruction from our in-house guides

- Members of the media please register at MMCV before entry