Mangrove Conservation

Volunteers Please Register for 27th February 2016 NBOS Program

Tree planting has become one of the most popular activities among visitors. Everyone wants to plant a tree as a gesture of contribution to the community. MMCV area is almost full and we plan to extent beyond our compound. Next year a permanent area have been allocated  for planting. We need contribution & volunteers.

For further information please contact us.

1. Nyireh Batu & Nyireh Bunga

One of our greatest concern is the depletion of the Nyireh timber for woodcarving. The pictures above are the highy sought after Nyireh Batu mangrove mahogany tree. The great Nyireh thrives on the coasts of Carey Island and surroundings for some reason. No other area in the country have a larger concentration of both the species, Nyireh Batu and Nyireh Bunga.

2. Nipa palm leaves 

Nipa  palm leaves are getting scarce. The  leaves are used for making Bunga Moyang, the traditional leaf origami for festivals and for the guests of MMCV at the Origami Center.