Hari Moyang, 26 February 2017 ( RM 65.00 / per person )


Hari Moyang, MMCV Spirit’s Day Package , 26 February 2017

Kg. Sg. Bumbun, Carey Island ( 9.30 am – 2.30 pm )

Every year for centuries Kampong Sungai Bumbun, a small Mah Meri village in Carey Island, Selangor celebrate a new year by appeasing the spirits. At sunset a day before the Mah Meri honor and meet the spirits of their ancestors at the Sanggar ritual. Early morning the next day they bring food and drinks to their spirits houses. There are three spirit houses in Sungai Bumbun for Moyang Kertik, Moyang Gadeng & Moyang Ambai as protectors of the area. They celebrate spirit’s day at the spirit houses or rumah moyang instead of their homes. Blessing by the moyangs are offered through the shaman acting as intermediary to the spirits. Many from afar come to join in to reinforce support and share this moment with this ancient community.

MMCV Special Spirit’s Day Tour includes entrance to  sites & MMCV, welcoming headdress, refreshments at sites, guided tour to ritual sites ( two different sites ) , lunch at MMCV & a donation to the village community elders.

As we have all heard, the year 2017 for the Mah Meri came with the news that large parts of the island will be developed into a Mega port.  Special prayers were conducted this year in anticipation of the impact on their lives. One such ritual is the rarely performed is the  lancang kuning, last conducted 4 years ag. The ritual was successfully executed on the 20th January 2017 at midnight, said to have been requested by the spirits themselves. Preparation for this ritual took five days. MMCV will upload photos of all the special celebration and rituals for 2017. Please follow our website www.mmcv.org.my for more news.



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Mah Meri 1



9.30 am      Arrival of guests at MMCV

Coffee / tea & refreshments

Briefing on Spirits Day


10.30 am      Visit to Spirit Moyang Gadeng celebration

11.30 am      Visit to Spirit Moyang Ambai celebration

12.30 pm      Lunch at Mah Meri Cultural Village

2.00 pm     Program end


  1. Every visitor will receive a headdress
  2. The celebration sites are within walking distance, you may also choose to drive
  3. Part of the entry fee is donated to the village community


  1. White rice
  2. Two types of main Malay dishes
  3. Vegetarian semosa and curry puff
  4. Mixed vegetables
  5. Local fruits, fired sweet potatoes  & fried tapioca
  6. Cordial drinks
  7. Drinking water will be available before leaving for celebration sites
  8. Visitors are advised not to eat food laid out at the celebration sites, they are for the villagers
  9. Decoration made from palm leaves must not be removed, they are for the spirits.