Mah Meri Festivals

Hari Moyang, Puja Pantai 2020 ( RM90 )

Wednesday 29th January 2020. One of the most popular Mah Meri Festival is the Hari Moyang or Spirit’s Day. It starts after the Chinese New Year for a period of 1 month. All the 10 different villages in and around Carey Island celebrate this day but separately. It is not exactly known how the date is chosen but it is commonly accepted that the date comes from the spirits through the dreams of the elders. The Spirit’s day may be canceled or postponed due to events like death or other calamities.

The Mah Meri do not celebrate their festivals in their homes with their families and friends but in a commonplace known as the house of the spirits by all members of the village.

All food and drinks are shared while the shaman will conduct the ceremony beginning with the blessing.

A day before the spirits of their ancestors is honored at the Sanggar bearing food and drinks for their immediate relative who has passed on.