Harimau Berantai

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Moyang Harimau Berantai is an image of a tiger ( A?a?) that was killed in a trap meant for a wild boar. In the Mah Meri tradition, any animal that was killed even for food will have to be replaced. They carved the Moyang Harimau Berantai from a single piece of mangrove timber ( Xylocarpus Moluccensis ) with a ball in the mouth that symbolizes the world we live in and seven rings attached to the fingers of the tiger to represent the chains the tiger was caught in. The sculpture was meant to impress the tiger was then left where the tiger had died.

The related story and image seem to relate well to how the Mah Meri revered the tiger. It also demonstrates the Mah Meri believed that anything they have killed or destroyed must be replaced or the spirit of the animal may roam free to cause harm to them.


Awarded the UNESCO Seal of Excellence
Awarded the UNESCO Seal of Excellence

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