In the US, lottery winnings in the multi-million dollar remained unclaimed

Date: 23 Sat 2020 Author: MMCV MMCV Categories: article

In Arizona in June it was announced winning the lottery th. According to these media reports, the jackpot was $ 14.6 million. The period during which you can pick up the award, is 180 days from the date of announcement of the winner.

 The lucky ticket was purchased on June 5 at Goodyear, Arizona. According to the rules, ticket holders had to pick up a jackpot until December 2, but this did not happen: for the record sum of money no one came.

 Employee Relations Department of the Arizona Lottery Public John Gilliland said that, under the terms of receiving the prize, the sum of $ 600 is necessary to sign the back of their ticket and to be with him in one of the offices of Arizona Lottery.

 In turn, the executive director of the Arizona Lottery Gregg Edgar said that the lottery is nothing more exciting than the presentation of such a big prize, and expressed his regret at the fact that the party did not show up for the jackpot. According to him, the winnings are often not taken, but not such a big amount.

 An expert in the field of lotteries Brett Jacobson said that the amount of unclaimed winnings for the period 2017 to June of the year was $ 2.89 billion. In 2017 fiscal year, the winners are not taken away 167 prizes totaling $ 1 million. The largest unclaimed prize was a jackpot of $ 77 million, the ticket was purchased in Georgia in 2011.

 Until that time, in 1999, the largest unclaimed prize in the state of Arizona was a jackpot of $ 4 million. The total amount of unclaimed winnings in the 2019 fiscal year is more than $ 11.6 million.

 It is known that winning money is not taken away the lottery, are used to finance various social projects, educational programs, and so on. N. For example, up to $ 250 thousand. Has been allocated for the program, which has enabled thousands of Native Americans to go to college courses. Also, up to $ 835 thousand. Focused on the work group dealing with the disclosure of Internet crimes against children. The remainder of the money goes to the prize fund of the lottery.

 Recall, the bodies of the UK advertising regulation will be engaged in the control of juvenile participation in lottery marketing campaigns.

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